Solari says Madrid is lamenting Reverend

Madrid – Real Madrid was demolished after being hit by Barcelona in the final of the second Copa del Rey tour. Madrid Madrid Solari coach believes his team has lost his honor.

At the Santiago Bernabeu, Thursday (2/28/2019) again, WIB, Madrid had to boost the rise of its toughest opponents with a 0-3 score . The whites was eliminated by a total of 1-4, and Barca was entitled to proceed to the border.

Although the score is very big, he does not tell about the game on the field. Madrid played quite aggressive but it was bad at the end.

There were 14 total trials in Madrid where four of them went to Barca's visit. Although Los Cules did not have four experiments, but Luis Suarez was able to create goals at the start of the second half for 1-0.

The situation became more difficult for Madrid when Raphael Varane loved himself that benefited Barca. Then Suarez returned to put Madrid's wound by scouring the team's third hits through the white place.

"Sorry, we want to play in this final," said Solari ESPNFC. "We have been honestly honored, the players have been giving up everything they can and play creative and hard games."

"But we do not get the best chance of our opportunities, as long as they can. Although football is about the goals that are facing the opposition's ambition, and giving your chances, and they do it. "

"There is no idea of ​​fairness or uncertainty in football. We need to congratulate the opposing team. They are entitled to leave," a & # 39; continuing protest Julen Lopetegui.

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