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Spirit Know, jump without warnings when you grow the grain of love, New York – Have you ever experienced the communication with the person you are experiencing? found to be a sweetheart

First of all, everything was smooth and smooth, as was expected. But, suddenly, it does not start to & # 39; respond to one of your messages. Then, answer it strictly not as soon as the beginning of the procedure.

Then after, not only does he want to respond to messages, but also not accepting your calls, or a #; turn over a long time. What you just hear is the sound from e-mailSouth Westerly

On the one hand, you may be worried. A big question mark suddenly comes to mind: why? What's going on What can the disaspect & # 39; described suddenly?

Because it's covered in information, you're finally going to; decide to get out of the social media it uses. As soon as you can see the latest update in the & # 39; unconventional universe, your worries are cured slightly. He is still alive and well.

But did you know that it was just & # 39; your life and what he did ghost? what's that ghost?

Ghost, which means to & # 39; break all communications without submitting one explanation, it is said to be a happening in the center of today's societies. Including millennial children and teenagers.

However, scientists say that ghost It is often the behavior of people who are, do when they interact. Although the term is ghost is often linked to a back-to-back context, but this is also a & # 39; happening in creating friendship.

Present Business Communications

Indeed, it has now become a business world and is becoming a real move in professional relationships. For example, there are a number of companies that say they have been victims ghost, where a headteacher recognizes that there were a number of staff who had a " going out of office suddenly for several months – and they did not appear anyway – without any previous communication.

This product was reported according to a survey made by the Chicago Army Reserve Bank. Then they registered it Beige Book which was released in December 2018, a report that runs work shifts.

Ghost referred to as an ugly behavior. So what does someone have to do? Some people prefer to choose ghost rather than other strategies to complete relationships? In addition, what effect is there; there ghost those who surrender & # 39 ;?

Recently psychologists have begun to research their & # 39; this case.

"There are not many real newspapers about humor," said Tara Collins, professor of psychology at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

"But when research on costing began to emerge, psychologists could also take advantage of what they knew about the ecology of their relationships, to offer some ears, he said, as reported Life Science, Sunday (3/2/2019).

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Their feelings are broken by heart as it may be that one thing can be broken off everybody can do; feeling. But everyone has different ways of dealing with it. Although difficult, there are some things that you should not do when you are heartbroken,

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