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Statutory advocates produced by parents of Gabriella's parents. 302 Billion, PSI response …

TANGERANG, – Chair of the Regional Fidelity Council (DPD) of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI), Beni Sugiarto, saying he only found out that one of their statutory candidates, Ronaldo Laturette, was involved in a particular case. convict.

"Strangely I've found out from the KPUD so we hope to meet the people involved," he said when he was informed., Night (04/09/2019) the night.

Beni explained that, when registering as a statutory advocate, Ronaldo accepted all the standards given by the PSI and the Regional Election Commission (KPUD).

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“Every step it has followed, if there is a subsequent legal deficit, from the Chief Executive's Office, the letter won't come out, good behavior from the police won't appear,” he said. T .

In fact, when they had established a skull certificate for the police and took care of a report from the prosecution's office, the party was also involved in the process and did not have problems. .

He said that, after Ronaldo had been registered as a temporary candidate, the KPUD published the list of candidates and the party did not receive a complaint from the public regarding the figure of Ronaldo.

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But for the time being, the party will cover the crime status that Ronaldo does with the right person to get the right information.

“I had also consulted with the CPD DPP. We couldn't break anyone immediately where he'd taken the steps. "Beni said.

Previously reported on the regulation of the High Court (MA) Raghnallo was found guilty of dying by Gabriella Sward Howard, a world-class third level SD student.

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He was sentenced to 10 months for bankruptcy and on his return he would be sentenced to five years' imprisonment in the regulation approved on 25 September 2018.

He and 12 other people are currently reimbursed again by Gaby's parents about their child's death on 17 September 2015.

Gaby's father, Gaby, said his party had stopped Ronaldo at this time as he had to wait for a copy of the High Court's decision.

"We also need to find a solicitor, summarize the data for loss of goods and Immateril," said Asip in West Jakarta District Court yesterday.

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