Strange Reino Barack Nikahi Syahrini – When I parted from Luna Maya, starting meeting with Mama Cetar

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – An odd feeling emerged from Reino Barack when he was close and he married Syahrini after he separated from Luna Maya. I changed when I met Mama Cetar.

Syahrini with her lover Luna Maya, Reino Barack, was married in a grand world of entertainment in 2019.

Arino Barack, who had been linked to Luna Maya, Syahrin, became a star of the legendary Suzzanna star.

As a result, Syahrini and Reino Barack's marriage were seen as a stronghold of the Incess supporters as well as the Luna Maya supporters.

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Not without reason, the marriage of Syahrini and Reino Barack became advantages and disadvantages.

In addition, Syahrini was thought to have been carrying Luna Maya which had been going for a long time with Reino Barack.

Yes, Reino Barack once reported that he could not marry Luna Maya.

"I can give anything, but that's not Luna's husband," said Reino at the end of 2018.

Reino Barack also told how he felt strange first when he was in love with my beloved Kandas.

At a recent Hijab Fest and screening event attended by both of them on Sunday (04/07/2019), Reino and Syahrini first told that they were close.

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