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Suggestions for protecting computers from Attacks

Jakarta, Selular.ID – Cyber ​​attacks are increasing every time. Experts have argued that malware attacks will still be a powerful tool in 2019 to allow passengers to continue their activities.

Malware was ordered by grassers to include web platforms such as social media as well as mobile and mobile devices. Malware can steal data on user equipment. After the malware has successfully affected the device or platform, the engineer returns freely to the user's data.

Soon, a malware can become stronger. To date, computer equipment such as PCs, notebooks and others are still vulnerable. To prevent accurate attacks on your computer, you must do the following as specified Ubergizmo.

  1. Create strong and unique passwords and do not use easy measurement passwords.
  2. Place an antivirus on your computer and update it regularly.
  3. Don't open suspicious sites.
  4. Install only the software and you should download it on the official website.
  5. Beware of carefully careful tactics.
  6. Take care in accessing public Wi-Fi.
  7. Export bluetooth if not in use.

We hope that these proposals can protect your computer from cyber-attack by attackers.

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