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BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – One month Syahrini became wife of Reino Barack, who had been the sweetheart of Luna Maya since she married her month last month from 27 February 2019 at Tokyo Camii Mosque, Japan.

Syahrini, who is often called Inces, published in the mornings, Reino Barack, who was the lover of Luna Maya.

Generally speaking of new bridesmaids, Syahrini appeared about Reino Barack's practice at the Shopee 31.3 event on Digital Sales & Sales on Sunday (31/3/20139).

In the event, Andhika Pratama and Jessica Iskandar asked Syahrini as the host for various things after marrying Reino Barack.

"What is different about life before and after marriage?" Andhika Pratama, who was named by, asked.

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Syahrini also said that there needed to be differences and changes between all new lives and life.

"It needs to be different," replied Syahrini with a loud sound.

Andhika Pratama, Jessica Iskandar, is also a guest, and a remarkable guest on Syahrini's life after she married Reino Barack.

"Tell me about tea, what is the way of life for the new women like?" Jessica Iskandar or Jedar asked.

Afterwards, Syahrini also made a considerable contribution as a wife, indeed she had to rise early in the morning to prepare her husband's dream for work.

One photo of the application for Syahrini and Reino Barack.
One photo of the application for Syahrini and Reino Barack. (Instagram / Syahrini)

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