Saturday , February 29 2020
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The Apple Apple Help Recognize Heart Disease

AN SEO, Bandung – Apple-funded research shows Apple Watch can discover irregular heartbeats so users can take action early.

Researchers in the study expect technology to help find early cancer seaweed, one of the largest types of irregular heartbeat. Patients with five diseases are at risk of a stroke.

The survey covered 400,000 users of Apple Watch, and the results were presented to the American Cardiology College in New Orleans, SA, Reuters.

Up to 2,000 people, or 0.5 per cent, got a message from the Apple Watch that they were showing that the heart beat was inconsistent.

They were then asked to use ECG to find atrial fibrlation.

A third of users using the ECG are positive that the flow is flowing through streaming.

"Doctors can use the information and then test it with tests, then they can help decide what to do," Dr. Marco Perez from Stanford Medical School, one of the principal researchers in the study.

As much as 57 per cent of customers who received calls from Apple Watch also conducted an investigation into doctors.

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