The Capital Bill promised the Property Report to # 39; Town to Jokowi

Jokowi said the current administrative procedures were complex.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SEMARANG – Mid Central Java Heads for President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) promised the problem to compile home asset accountability reports. Jokowi said the current administrative procedures were complex.

"The property of the city has been spent, this must be designated as a responsibility. To date it has been difficult," The President asked the Home Leaders who attended the Java Java 2018 Java Monetary Management Workshop at the Semarang Promotion Development Center (PRPP) on Thursday.

At the same time the President responded: "Dileich."

The Head of State asked again why it was difficult to be implemented for four years. The President then invited representatives from the head of the city and home assistants to the platform. Sugeng, Town Head from one of the towns in Boyolali and Wulandari Districts, Home Helpers from Boyolali went on to the stage.

"I'm hearing from Mr Jokowi that the report is often related to a home asset very well. But there is a lot of links," said Sugeng. answering a Chief's question.

Even Sugeng agreed he did not remember what page was there; in a home funding report so tough. With the permission of Hearing Sugeng, Jokowi introduced this to be difficult with procedures in Indonesia. Jokowi recognized that he needed a lot of energy for the rules that could reduce modern administration procedures today.

"Not only the Ministerial Rule that I can order to delete, or this Presidential Rule will be removed. But if the law order is tough, this is problem we are. So, so far, it was not simple, "said Jokowi.

The president promised that the next year he would focus on changing the law so that the pace could be made.

"The Home Chief Executive should not be complicated with the fact that the SPJ report has been made, but quality control is good or not, fitting is properly tested, the concrete is not true or just half. Work should be done, not the job is to make reports. But the legislation is too much and needs to be simpler, "he explained.

Although Wulandari allowed that at this time the problems were encountered related to evidence of non-total affairs. Wulandari also suggested that the Village Leaders had broken their project until the report became very tough.

"Indeed, there are many things because the tasks are small, finally built up into lots. For example, the activity should be compiled as 200,000 million, divided into Rm 25 million. Ultimately the size is bigger, "said Wulandari.

In addition Jokowi again reminded his Home Town to be careful in & # 39; money management of this country. "Stay away from actions that you can come into sovereignty, so I have added once again that the financial management of the town is carefully done," said Jokowi.

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