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The Chairman of the Honorable Council of PAN Amien Rais chooses the power of people rather than the Constitutional Court if there is fraud in election. PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto said that guests did not like the atmosphere.

"We believe it is unpopular for the public to make rubbish. The elite is faster, which bothers people who are marginalized from the Republic," said Hasto at the Eastern Senayan Park. T , Jakarta, Sunday (03/31/2019).

He said the more appropriate word should not be the power of people if there is fraud in election, but the power of a family. Depending on their terms Amien Rais will run with PAN.

“It is more likely to be a family power, because Mr Amien Rais has all the family in PAN,” he said.

Prior to this, Amien said the 313 Apple Community Alert was held to prevent fraud in elections. The chair of PAN Open Council was in danger of moving the masses if there was fraud.

"If there is a fraud, we will not go to the Constitution Court, but it is absolutely powerless, but power is men, power of man," said Amien at Sunda Kelapa Mosque, Menteng. Central Jakarta, Sunday (31/3).

Amien said that he would move democratically. He was sure that there would be no violence if the people were campaigning against KPU's decision.

"It's not a rebellion, if the rebellion has removed blood. This is because of the fact that blood can be dispersed, the power of human beings is used, t "he explained."

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