The Richest People of the World have a feeling of the Threatening Photos; Threat to the Item

Jakarta – Recently recently, bad message sent a bad message by Jeff Bezos to his business, Lauren Sanchez. That made Amazon headache spoiled, and even encouraged the US president Donald Trump to be able to do so; mocked him as a fool.

Interestingly, there are many lunch in the media so that the richest person in the world is reduced. They said they had bad photos related to Bezos and Sanchez neighborhood relationships.

Fortunately, the images are not just deleted as a previous message message. Despite this, the National Advocate also used Bezos to be threatened detikINET Delivered from CNBC, Saturday (9/2/2019).

This was expressed by his Amazon commander, a & # 39; The media call on a councilor's email threatened to send Bezos to Sanchez bad water pictures. Indeed, called pubic & # 39; one of them.

In blog posts, Bezos AMI, a National Enquirer publisher, has been charged with taxes; fight. He said that the AMI was trying to be unable to & # 39; Encouraging political interest in the publisher's promotional news about his divorce.

Bezos said the danger was associated with the sentence used by his security chief, Gavin de Becker. For the media called the Daily Beast, he said "AMI's news" had strong notes to political reasons ".

The National Advocate is indeed the possession by a friend of the United States president, Donald Trump. Well, Trump often attacks Bezos and so there are allegations that the National Advocate has opened the legend of Bezos for the removal of political reasons or Bezos.

"In the AMI letter that I am opening in public, you can see how they are, they publish personal photos (my) but Gavin de Becker and I'm reporting public notably the media that do not have a basis in reporting news about the AMI that included political reasons or influenced political forces, "wrote Bezos.

Continue this way of communication to strengthen AMI's reputation in the use of journalist rights, and # 39; hiding the protection of some of his rights, and his & her; taking into account the real cause of journalism. Interestingly, he did not abolish that AMI kept his personal picture that seemed fragile.

"Indeed, I do not want my personal photos to be published, but I do not want to be involved in fighting practices, political divisions, political assaults and corruption. I am a & # 39; choose to talk out, and see what's coming out, "write it.

In an email from the National Representative to Bezos, he said he wrote in his mail that he had nine images willing. Some of them incorporate Bezos selfzos that will using self-contained towels, and other self-movements when it's only short short behaviors and other worst scenes.

It's interesting to wait to keep the series between Bezos and AMI in the future. If you look at the decision of the National Representative to send a message that is bad to the richest person in the world, it seems that he will not be involved in doing other activities, # 39; may be bigger. (mon / fyk)

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