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The Statement of the Government Debts of IDR 4,566 Trillion is known

Jakarta – To the end of February 2019, the government debt on Rp has reached 4,566.26 trillion. This number increased Rp 531.46 trophies compared to February 2018 which was a total of Rp 4,034.80 trillion.

The strategy influences the proportion of these central government debts its inbox the government or issue debts at the beginning of the year that have been completed in the previous year and issued by the Government Securities (SBN). As a result, debts are arrears until the year end is reduced.

"Getting ready target the dynamics of the world. So, to the end of the year, it can be more flexible for funding, "said Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati at the Ministry of Finance building, Jakarta, on Tuesday (03/19/2019).

If it is explained, the government debt represents an IDR 4,566.26 trillion including loans which provide IDR 790.47 trillion and state securities (SBN) of IDR 3,775.79 trillion.

Rp 783.33 trillion foreign loans, bi-lateral loans Rp 322.86 trillion, multilateral Rp 418.82 trillion, 41.66 trillion commercial Rp. Although domestic loans at Rp were 7.13 trillion.

For SBN, which contained an IDR 3,775.79 trillion, that included IDR 2,723.13 trillion types of IDR IDR 2,260.18 trillion, SBSN IDR 462.95 trillion.

In addition, foreign currency Rp Rp 1,052.66 trillion information on Government Funds Rp 817.82 trillion and SBSN of Rp 234.84 trillion are also shown.

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