The switch & # 39; Light & # 39; of Play Free PUBG in Indonesia on Valentine's Day

BANGKAPOS.COM, JAKARTA – After a test in Thailand a little while ago, the Lite Battlefields (PUBG) Lite game for PC to be played in many other countries, including Indonesia.

The beta version of a "lightweight" version of the PUBG game will be present in Indonesia in mid-February with a # 39; Garena's play platform.

Through reporting by official Facebook account, PUBG Lite stated that a beta test game service would be extended in four other countries, for example Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.

The beta test service starts on 14 February.

However, gamers in the four countries can start the PUBG Lite game the previous day or on 13 February.

PUBG Lite has adapted itself from the regular version of the PUBG game, but has been developed to be played with lower computer designations.

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In addition, PUBG Lite is available free of charge.

Therefore, gamers who can not play the PC version of PUBG are expected to be covered by the system's designations to be able to; play this game.

The number of PUBG game players in particular in the southeast Asia region can grow.

At this time, a PUBG Lite PC version is only equipped with Erangel maps.

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