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HONG KONG – – Phone tweed a big screen is getting better today. In addition to the huge screen, they also come with great sticks.

They are something between smartphone normal size and Table small size. That's why this machine is called spread. Almost all mobile phone users have virtually unique models that have the same features.

In terms of Xiaomi, in this section, use the Max series. In 2019, its company will send the fourth generation Xiaomi Mi Max 4. Apart from that, next to its; First "Max Max 4", Mi Max 4 Pro will also. Today, we have other ideas about this mobile phone.

According to news from Indian media, Xiaomi Mi Max 4 and Mi Max 4 Pro have a 7.2-inch full screen design. Although the fuselage uses double glass material, the screen will be protected by the fifth generation Corning Gorilla Glass.

As you can see, many of the key features will be greatly improved. In the present day, another source appeared smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max 4 series Use two cameras on the back, where the main camera has a camera; using the Samsung ISOCELL GM1 48MP sensor.

Initially, this lens appeared on the Redmi Note 7. So we know that it's a Sony IMX586 sensor. In addition, the Mi Max 4 will support the mode of real night vision, which comes to Redmi Note 7 after OTA updates.

The remaining features include a 5800mAh battery that is a? Supporting a fast 18W tax function, and must be run on MIUI11. The main difference (or just) between the Xiaomi Mi Max 4 and the Xiaomi Mi Max 4 Pro will be the process.

The first one needs to be full of the Snapdragon 660 team (we believe it is a totok change, and Mi Max 4 Pro will use Snapdragon 675. It is also said that the version Due to the arrival of 20 MP + 48 MPs two cameras. Where the main camera is to use the Sony IMX586 lens. In addition, this difference will support the basic mechanism for the search engine.

The same source says that the price of the Xiaomi Mi Max 4 will be consistent with the results of last year. But the Xiaomi Mi Max 4 Pro price can exceed 4 million IDRs.


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