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This is a result of taking the amazing camera that Samsung Galaxy A50 has

Business JAKARTA – Today, the camera is the key to mobile phones to secure a place in the heart of each user. These features, which are more sophisticated with a variety of the most up-to-date technologies exhibited, are amongst the most sophisticated.

Samsung Electronics, one of its new results such as the Samsung Galaxy A series, has been making amazing innovations in cameras.

Business have the chance to try one of these results, that is Samsung Galaxy A50. In fact, one of the most reliable features of the Samsung A series is the latest in the camera.

When you Burn several times in various light situations, the resulting pictures can be quite satisfying. In fact, for special times like sunset, the pictures with the camera camera can be very useful.

Cameras are supported by very large lenses. The lens gives an overview and can be adapted to suit your taste.

As well as providing a wider range of space, the long-term impact of this giant lens camera can also give a greater focus, where the surroundings provide user focus to one focus. , the main thing.

One example is when you take a picture with a sunset. Not only does the Galaxy A50 overloaded lens tell you that the sun is the main thing, but also the clouds, houses and trees in the foreground.

With magnificent lenses, objects around the main objective will work as a beautiful pack. The effect importing shows that the larger object in the picture you are firing has has a lot of vitality in the side.

So if you want to have your idea like being mobile, Samsung Galaxy A50's high-level camera is the right solution.

On top of that, the unique technology that was developed by the Samsung Galaxy A50 giant lens is being supported by AI technology, so that this camera can be used as a very good camera.

With AI Camera technology, Samsung Galaxy A50 has the ability to identify elements, at least in photos or videos, such as views and topics, so that a clear and visual outlook can be found.

Not only to recognize, but AI Camera technology can automatically bring out and achieve objects and views. Especially for Samsung A50, this AI camera can rate as much as 20 categories.

With these capabilities, Samsung A50 can create images or videos that are more vibrant with bright and dynamic colors.

Particularly for the camera of the Samsung A50 camera for video capture needs, we can ensure that you can check times more widely. Using a very wide 8MP FF camera with F2.2, and 5MP FF with F2.2, you do not need to worry about losing certain times.

What is more special about the Samsung A50 camera? In fact it's possible to find blood.

Not often, the first scene you give is not the results you want. But you don't have to worry. Can drag out the Galaxy A50 capabilities to give you information when cases go wrong.

To make sure that you can capture images without loss of object, messages will appear immediately when the image is not labeled, the subject theme passes through, the lens is dirty, or the rear light affects t quality of design.

So your shooting activity will be much more difficult to break.

For the price, Samsung Galaxy A50 6 / 128GB RAM has been released with an official Rp 4,899,000 price. In addition, for the other two types of the Samsung Galaxy A series, Galaxy A30 has RAM 4 / 64GB enabled at IDR 3,399,000, and Galaxy A50 has RAM 4 / 64GB enabled which was released at IDR. 4,499,000

The Galaxy Series A will be available in 3 colors, namely black, white and blue. At the same time, these products can be obtained from retail shops or commercial platforms that start on 29 March 2019.

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