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BEIJING – to a large extent smartphone It is an extremely dangerous electrical device but has aspects that can be the long term health of its users. The danger here is radiation.

Radiation rates in tolerances that are allowed by each cellular phones are represented in the SAR values ​​that are usually found on a sales device package. Delete from page Giz Chinese, Friday (8/2/2019), according to research by Statista, Xiaomi Mi A1 comes with the highest SAR value.

This means that the device has a # 39; out the largest radiation. About 16 phones are listed in the SAR values ​​sequence from high to low.

In the list above, the Xiaomi Mi Ai is highest with 1.73 (value per watts per kg) and OnePlus 5T at 1.63. The Mi Max 3 is three in number with 1.58, and OnePlus 6T is astonished at its fourth place at 1.55.

Good news, cited Giz Chinese, in most cases smartphone just at the bottom. It should be noted, there is no general guide to safe levels of radiation.

But there is no German proof of environmental relationships but allowing phone phones with a SAR value of 0.60 or less. This will put each cell on the list in the red or dangerous zone.


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