Total DHF patients in East Sumba are made to 409 patients treated, 10 of them die

Total DHF patients in East Sumba are made to 409 patients treated, 10 of them die

POS-KUPANG. COM | WAINGAPU– An emergency (DF) in East Sumba Regency continues to be more urgent and tough, as patients who are suffering from a patient. suffering from DHF's growing everyday growth in 2019.

The total outputs are released from the three hospitals in Waingapu City, Lindimara Hospital, Imanuel Waingapu Hospital, and Umbu Rara Hospital, Meha Waingapu from January 1, 2019 to 18 February, to reach 409 patients attacked by DHF on treated by these three hospitals.

Of the 409 patient patients treated, ten patients had their patients; including life that can not help alias death.

Of the ten patients who died, information about seven patients died at Umbu Rara Hospital, Meha Waingapu, and three patients died at Lindimara Waingapu Hospital.

Unfortunately later in the last week, he died as many as three of the patients who were still children.

On Monday (11/02/2019), the DF patient died at Anastasia Clarita Ina (4), resident of RT 03 / RW 01, Lamba Napu Village, Kambera District.

The child died when he was cured at SSR Lindimara Waingapu and died on Monday (11/02/2019) at night.

Just one day later, Wednesday (02/2/2019) DBD again said that the life of one person died. The patient is a new child of 12 months old.

Based on the letter from Lindimara SSR presented by Umbu Rara Hospital Director Meha Waingapu. Lely Harakai, M.Kes gu POS-KUPANG. COM, During the Wednesday afternoon (02/13/2019), the patient's name was dead based on the letter letter Umbu Fernandes.

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