Tuman! Honda Disrupts Yamaha Through NeoWing Innovation

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TOKYO – Not only is hard work in the field of MotoGP, there are conflicts of ideas and technology of two Yamaha and Honda representatives on innovation. Since Yamaha published Niken's movement in 2017, there has been a lot of rumors and speculations on circulating the tripod shape.

As reported by Rideapart, Tuesday (9/4/2019) Piaggio was one of the first companies to introduce the concept of a tricycle, but of course Yamaha was the first to think of a bike. motor. LEVEL ONLY: Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha Come along to EV Motor

Tuman! Honda Disrupts Yamaha Through NeoWing Innovation

In fact, when one of the four big makers made up with something brand new or innovative, it was not long before the other makers left the business, and this certainly thought Honda was currently designing. Already in 2016, world makers watched their own re-cycles of three-wheeled vehicles, which were later used as NeoWing.

Since then we have considered two previous patent applications for three-wheeled vehicles, which show a Honda study of compression technology and even the ability to trick hybrid pipes. This new patent shows that Honda is indeed the real form of the mammoth of the backbench dictionary and that "NeoWing" is to be finished.

Tuman! Honda Disrupts Yamaha Through NeoWing Innovation

Remember, with Yamaha Niken's MT-09 with mechanization of MT-09, this motorcycle introduces bike design by decorating two front wheels. Both wheels can move independently and each wheel with a pair of paddles. REPRESENTATION ONLY: This is very strong, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki Unite.

"This is a multi-wheel loop with a large tool. The technology available at LMW is able to reduce the impact of road changes and provide high stability when switching,"

For size, this postage is 2,150 mm long, 885 mm wide and 1,250 mm high. The engine is a three-cylinder line, 4 strokes, DOHC, cooler cooling with transmission technology.

For information, the name Niken is one of two Japanese languages. We mean two, and Ken is the sword. Even though the Niken Yamaha himself will be launched from the next November at the Show Motorcycle Show.


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