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Unusual asteroids found by Telescopes, which they can destroy – VIVA

VIVA – Hubble's telescope was able to catch a picture of an asteroid that committed suicide. The thing that the sky is about is 6478 Gault.

The Gter Asteroid is four and nine kilometers long, with a distinctive double tail. Two types of debris are evidence of asteroid activity spreading a number of materials into the area, displaying the Gault display to be broken into pieces.

It was recited Digital movementsOn Sunday, March 31, 2019, the asteroid was destroyed by a process known as YORP torque or influence of Yarkovsky Keefe Radzievskii Paddack.

Asteroids will be open to sunlight and hot. This activity will include infrared radiation that is sent to numbers and gives heat and movement too well.

This includes a case that does not make asteroids but go faster. The middle force from the other side separates the last asteroid and becomes strong from the mass force.

When this happens, the rock and first step are towed from the surface of the asteroid. This also causes the tail in debris. According to the astronauts' index, the only YORP per year concern from 800,000 asteroids in the Mars-Jupiter zone.

"Only active and unstable asteroids such as the Gault can now be found by using a new survey-telescope that sweeps all the stars," said a representative at the German European Theater Theater, Hainaut.

He said with Hubble that the same event would not be lost again. Gault is said to be very important, not only for its rarity but it is believed that there is a circulation every two hours necessary to allow the YORP to influence its survival. inward.

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