Video VIRAL de Ahmad Dhani Starting with Procurators, This is the answer to Fadli Zon and Fahri Hamzah.

Video from Ahmad Dhani meets with the Solicitor, Fadli Zon and Fahri Hamzah Participating in the Response.


TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – Ahmad Dhani has been tested in his trial & error; Vlog on Thursday (04/11/2019).

In this regard, the defender Ahmad Danhan was also involved in fighting with the Solicitor General.

The event took place after the trial or when Ahmad Dhani was sent to his prison car.

In this regard, Fadli Zon and Fahri Hamzah also answered.

Fadli Zon and Fahri Hamzah were both in writing in an answer to the answer.

Cuitan on Fadli Zon and Fahri Hamzahtulis have performed on their Twitter accounts on Thursday (04/11/2019).

Follow the answers to the answers from Fadli Zon and Fahri Hamzah:

1. Zon Fadli

Zon Fadli
Fadli Zon (Graphic Bayu S)

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