Viral, Things to have in Pink Moon Phenomenon in April 2019

Aldina – After the arrival of the giant free event in the equinox, this time it was a chance to see the meteor and also the pink moon. ' Not only that, some strangely others happen in April.

Of the statement MirrorOn Monday (1/4/19), we can see astronomical events for this month only with the bare eye, and you don't have to use binoculars or other expensive helpers to saw something The following is a collection of phenomena that can be seen in April.

April 5

On 5 April 2019, the new moon rises to the skies. The moon's situation will be on the same side of Earth as the sun, and this will bring in an invisible night sky.

April 11

On April 11, 2019, you can show Mercury in the night sky. If you would like to see this event, you can see it in the sunrise road, north-east before sunrise.

April 19

On April 19, 2019, there will be an unbelievable moonshine # 39; there. At that time the Earth's satellite will be on the other side of the Earth, just as the sun's setting. This means the moon's face will be fully illuminated. The phrase 'pink moon' is # 39; starting with a American tribe who sees a moon with pink color, wild land phlox.

22-23 April

That will be, the lush woodland left. This event will take around 20 meteor explosions per hour. So it is possible for people to see him straight in places with little pollution.

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