What's in a decision if your weight is at stake? group?

In fact, the number of stresses will go up and down every day. Even in a day, it can be a different corporate weight. However, the difference is not quite too long, which is about 2 kilograms per day. If the weight goes up and down more than 2 kilograms per day and then; In a few days, it's not a good thing. You need to be careful if your weight is rising and falling dramatically.

What are the outcomes if there is a big pressure?

By getting too close to a large amount of fat in the body. Too much fat can be harmful to health, and can affect the corporate body index (BMI) or also Glossary glossary (BMI).

Normally, normal stress gains from muscles and knitwear; grow. New muscles will increase after a period of training and usually around one kg per week is reasonable. Without exercise, about ⅔ the weight you get from fat is.

So, when the body's weight is rising rapidly, this is more likely not because of the muscles that are infected. awake, but as a result of fat burning.

The average increase in sweet sweet and salty foods is usually medium-sized but it does not have a good nutrition. This is the fastest growing momentum. This increase in the level of fat also causes a body's health threat. As such, there is not a high fat fat associated with a variety of metabolic diseases such as mellitus diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and so on.

What effects do you have to do with stress?

heavily stressed

Lack of heavy weight does not mean that there is a short reduction in the & # 39; fat damage too. So be not happy with the first.

The weight loss that significantly reduces the amount of moisture and fluid in which it is; body. This is a body collection that should be kept until the old man is healthy.

This is evident in the study of comparing people with hard dates (500 calories per day) with a low calorie diet of 1,250 calories for 12 weeks.

The researchers found that their body with a tight diet was lost by a & # 39; Reducing calories with just 500 calories a day 6 times more of muscle growth. The provisions that must be maintained so that the metabolic rate of the body is stable.

People who lose a lot of bones that significantly affect the balance of hormones such as thyroid hormones.

As a result, this situation triggers metabolism, and & # 39; including metabolism burning daily calories. Research in the Obesity magazine (Sliver Spring) shows that the loss of pressure is too fast to reduce the capacity of burning calorie by 23%.

Well, this situation makes your body longer and harder to & # 39; Burning calories, especially from the fat that should burn.

Not only that, if you try to lose weight quickly with tight diet, bad abilities can occur, you know. People who experience the loss of stress are at major risk of significant nutrition such as iron, telephone, vitamin B12. If you have a nutrient deficiency, many of the symptoms that emerge, not just the weight loss.

Hair can fall, you feel tired, anemia, a defensive system is & # 39; the body becomes worse, and the shape of the bones is becoming increasingly fragile.

So be unhappy if you grow a lot. This is a threat to your health situation. If you want to lose weight, according to experts, it should be reduced from 0.45 to 0.9 cg per week.

Increasing and lowering stress rates are just as dangerous

hinder stress when you are hiring

This impressive increase and emphasis in stress reflects insensitive involvement in the body. The song that should be reduced should be bigger, and again. What should be expanded to go down. Both are so dangerous.

Even this stress may be more dangerous than you are still too heavy or too late. The weight loss of up to and down doubles doubles to the loss that may be different.

As a result, this can affect the metabolic rate of your body and your total hormonal balance. If it affects your metabolism, it will be harder to increase or decrease the amount that has been diminished and reduced.


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