World Autism Day – 4 Reasons why they are close: The Okezone Way of Life

Day The Autism World is remembered every April 2 to remind us that there are children with special needs out there. Autism is a spectrum that refers to different types of disorder in brain development.

Due to the problem of links in parts of the brain, people with autism definitely have a unique way of thinking and processing of information. Generally the recall is very good.

The community at last has concluded that people with autism are usually good and talented in a particular field. So why do people suffering from autism are usually good?

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Maybe you are thinking, then what causes people with autism to be quick and experts in certain areas? To date different surveys have been carried out to determine if people with autism need to be the best if they are to have the opportunity to maximize their potential.

Researchers agree that the following reasons are why many people have an amazing level of knowledge with autism.

1. Very high collection

Unlike most people, those in the spectrum of autism can maintain focus and focus on a particular aspect. But sometimes they have difficulty sharing division for many things at the same time.

As a result of the attention given to one particular feature, people with autism usually develop the new material they are learning. Examples are included when looking at Math problems or code in a computer program.

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2. Memory sharp

People with autism are usually good because they can easily remember things they have ever met. When they see a parent or teacher playing a musical instrument, they record the activity well in the memory.

So when they are time to experiment with the instrument themselves, they will play back at once when you play the instrument, and simulate it correctly. So it's in fact with Maths, Physics or Grammar forms.

3. Note your details

One of the reasons for those with autism is really aware of what you know. According to them there is no information that is too small to look at. This is why people with autism have difficulty, they can quickly find the source of the problem and find the right solution.

4. Into the logic of feelings

A recent King's College study in England found that people with a spectrum of autism tend to be reliant on logic rather than making decisions.

At certain times, the ability to make informed decisions is significant. Rather than relying on fear, anger, or enormous enjoyment, autism people prefer to consider logical and fair reasons for taking important decisions.

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