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Writing Almaz despatching the Honda CR-V, giving proof of the project that lies in its entirety? – VIVA

VIVA – The term "unprofitable prices" was not completely translated by four-wheel users in Indonesia. Whether it was confirmed by Wuling Motors after the Chinese car company went into Indonesia. In other words, despite quality review, it is likely that low prices still persuade in Indonesia.

Selling the Honda CR-V was sold to the Wuling Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), Almaz. In February, data from the Automotive Indonesia (Gaikindo) Society in February, the car launched by Wuling on January 23, 2019, was a major addition to the wholesale sales of Honda CR-V. If Almaz sold 568 units, the CR-V only sold 534 units.

Although a similar model is made and even the only engine of 1,500cc, an appeal by Almaz which also proves that the word "false prices" has not been fully implemented. Almaz's lure is a much cheaper price than the CR-V. Almaz is costing around Rp318 million and the cost of CR-V Rp.518 million is for his most popular type.

Well, of course we have to know how you can answer PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), which certainly feels that Almaz's presence has a direct impact. A marketing director and HPM salesman, Jonfis Fandy, admitted he was worried about the actions of Wuling Almaz. Especially in selling shops from retailers to consumers, Jonfis asked that Honda was still better.

"It is on a sales base, when you look at the CR-V retail, there are another 1,000 more in January to February 2019. If we are wholesale, we need to change it if it is sold. jumps (stockbrokers loaded), "said Jonfis in Sentul, West Java, Wednesday 20 March 2019.

According to the book, although the price of CR-V is more expensive than Almaz, users can get more value. Jonfis said the car market had sold its SUV price too. Also, AHM is considered to have many other benefits such as a larger workshop network and more readily available parts.

Jonfis was also proud to question the price of Almaz's re-sale of the used car market. In other words, it still seems that Honda still stands in the phrase “never push prices” as a guide to four-wheel users in the country.

“So buyers already know that, when they want to sell from Rp 500 million to a fall of just 10 per cent, that means Rp.450 million. In addition, free cars are not promised, because users pay attention to other things.

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