Influenza is excavated only to North Moravia. There are more sick people, two people who died –


Friday 15 February 2019, 15:48

"Six of the worst cases are in the Moravian-Silesian Department. In fourteen cases of influenza, 50 and over-age people with a range of continuous illness, four pre-school children's issues were reported," said Helena Šebáková Regional Hygienist.

Also in the Pardubice Department, the hygiene noticed the number of acute acute diseases, which included flu. The average value rose from 1173 a week before 1321 people per 100,000 residents. According to the director of the Departmental Hygiene Anti-epidemic division in Pardubice, Olga Hégrová, in two areas, the disease was reached on the boundary, considered as 1700 diseases.

"There are still two areas, Crudim and Ústí nad Orlicí. It is Crudim 1932 and Instí 1672 patients every 100,000 residents," said Hégrová. Unlike the Moravian-Silesian area, fortunately nobody has died here.

The number of patients across the country is declining

On a republic scale, however, 4.2% sickness fell to 1684 cases per 100,000 residents.

Slow people fell a little, for example, in Central Bohemia. The disease of the week reached 1,765 patients per 100,000, which fell around three percent. "The highest illness in the Příbram area is the lowest in the Beroun area," said Lilian Rumlová, head of the Central Health Bohemian Station's antiepidemic division.

In the Liberec section, the influenza disease also had a slight decline, In contrast, he was significantly expanding in a shirt. "There are 2091 people with a rare illness and illness of 100,000 residents, just 14 more per 100,000 per week," said Zuzana Balašová, spokeswoman for Divisional Halls Station in Liberec.

Number of patients per 100,000 residents in the Czech Republic
Monthly week Number
1. 840
2. 1096
3. 1158
4. 1447
5. 1715
6. 1758
7. 1684
Source: SZÚ and regional health stations

Some of the hospitals in the Czech Republic have closed closures, especially muscular or long-term patients. Hard patients and older people are the biggest risk of infection with GPs. However, some doctors give a warning that does not; very effective step. Most patients have been infected with sick health professionals, so they are sick. recommend their vaccination.

This year, 31 patients with influenza influenza influenza fluid, doubled in the sixth monthly week. There were 184 full hospitals with serious illnesses for intensive care units, according to the National Reference Laboratory for the State Health Institute Fluctuation. The last season, according to statistics, about 260 people died from the flu.

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