Inform the attention of a silent disease that kills more people than HIV


There is viral disease, which spreads through the blood and with body and body discharge; attacks the liver cells that have a huge influence on gold, causing the death of a million people around the world annually. Currently, there are over 250 million people of the virus's bearers hepatitis BThis figure is more than seven times higher than the patient with HIV, recites Nature last week.

In 2016, the deaths caused by hepatitis B – which were thus transformed cancer of gorm or cirrhosis – which exceeds the number of deaths due to horrible diseases, such as AIDS, wear or malaria. This is despite the fact that this change of hepatitis can be prevented from vaccination, and it is also possible to deal with the same antiretroviral drugs that are being used; used to fight HIV.

It is called the disease silent epidemic For initially there are no signs of their company. The main broadcasting channels are absent from mother to child when they are pregnant, or from obstacles and movements of corrupted blood – and genetic immune bondage.

The World Health Organization says it was through a vaccine, which has a 95% efficiency to avoid a long-term illness, is very safe and its protection lasts at least 20 years.

It is the largest division that affects it Africa Sub-Saharan 6% of the population is estimated to be converted and fewer than a tenth of their children get the vaccines compatible. In addition, the publication states that this area lives in the last place in the interventions that different countries have made in terms of diagnosis and treatment of people who are stay with her virus.

"It's a critical time for the department," said Philippa Matthews, a scientist at Oxford University (the United Kingdom). He also made sure that was, compared to the HIV, against hepatitis B, no action was carried out resources and education essential for the prevention of disease that has been present in humanity for thousands of years.

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