Information about 11 players hired in Vietnam against Myanmar Sport


Amongst the special teams of Vietnam's competition are:

1. Keeper Dang Van Lam (aged 25 years)

Number of Sleeves: 23, Club: Hai Phong

Dang Van Lam is the best warden of the V-League 2018. Although Haiphong finished the final season in the sixth place, Van Lam's special show helped the team become a strong team. After 26 games, they gave 26 visits. It is not difficult to understand when it is a problem of being aware of the Pirates Champion Nuti Cafe V8 style and height, when this Hang Park Park offers the aim for a Vietnamese caretaker -Ruis.

2. The main defender Đỉ Duy Mạnh (age 22)

Number of Sleeves: 28, Club: Hanoi

Duy Manh is one of the most important links in the team of 23 United Kingdom who has made the impact of his & final U23 and ASIAD 18 yesterday. This is the first time a midfielder appeared in 1996 to & # 39; appear at the AFF Cup. Ten years since its first AFF Cup game on its television, Hanoi's defender is a 12 year old boy; building my member at My Dinh Stadium in & # 39; last game by Thailand. The dreamer dreamed, the dream grew up in Manh, and he is now present in the Vietnam football team that has an impact on the 2018 AFF Cup dreamer.

Details of 11 players in Vietnam Myanmar competition - picture 1
Vietnam's starting point for its anti-Myanmar game.

3. Gui Ngoc Hai (aged 25 years)

Number of Sleeves: 3, Club: SLNA

Although he is 25 years old, this is the third time Que Ngoc Hai is present in the largest playground in the area. In Vietnam today, the SLNA field area has not been sufficiently improved after two senior men, Van Quyet and Trong Hoang. At AFF Suzuki Cup 2014, Que Ngoc Hai made the 2-2 award with Indonesia. With his knowledge and ability to launch a good attack, his birth born in 1993 is still a coach at the Hang-seo Park election.

4. Trung Trung Tran (age 21 years)

Number of Sleeves: 21, Club: Hanoi

Dinh Trong is from the FC FC youth team, but Saigon has been lent by 2015, and is quickly selected as the backbone of this team at V-League 2016, 2017, and his Defender the youngest V-League. Dinh Trong is a very important name in the Hang Seo Park, U23 Breatham Championship, which won the U23 Competition Competition earlier this year. He received evidence of the great progress of Tran Dinh Trong, the Hanoi team has brought back a decision to play in this season.

5. Phan Van Duc Intermediate (age 22)

Fire Number: 20, Club: SLNA

Frequently used as a place center in Asia U23 and ASIAD, Phan Van Duc was not included in the main tour to Malaysia on 16/11. There are two scenes on the left, left and has a high performance. The midfielder on the SLNA was against Van Hau, who started the playoff for the Phuong Cong opening, and then went on to play the game. removing Duc Duc to significantly add protection. An advanced Van Duc qualification helped to suit its title title against Myanmar, rather than Trong Hoang.

6. Defender Doan Van Hau (19 years old)

Number of Sleeves: 5, Club: Hanoi

Van Hau is one of Vietnamese football talents at Vietnam. For the last three years, Doan Van Hau has always been the youngest player in his team. The boy born in 1999 was the youngest U19 in Vietnam to win the U20 World Cup. Vietnam U23's youngest son won the Asian Award and is still the youngest in the Vietnam Olympics in 2018. A play in the defensive place but, It is Doan Van Hau who collects high items in the red shirt team, and observers need to re-instate many times and then go to them; surprisingly surprised

7. Luong Xuan Truong Intermediate (age 23)

Fire Number: 6, Club: HAGL

Xuan Truong is an inspiration for the U23 Vietnam tour in the continental youth competition. A huge move, a & # 39; take part in an active robber and often confirm protection support, although not obvious but Xuan Truong is an important link in the Vietnamese Vietnamese U23 competition system. Despite its best way, Park Hang Seo still credited and signed the name of the player on an official list of the three AFF Cup games.

8. Nguyen Quang Hai (age 21 years)

Fire Number: 19, Club: Hanoi

Nguyen Quang Hai became famous, praised by the international media for his amazing U-23 2018 Asian Cup shows, with five visits to the finals. lost U-23 Uzbekistan). This is the first AFF Cup, which will be a # 39; hitting the national team in Hanoi. This fascinating form of V-League is for him in this competition. The Hanoi steering group also had a pocket at the 2018 AFF Cup after two rounds.

9. Next Nguyen Cong Phuong (age 23)

Fire Number: 14, Club: HAGL

HAGL opposes the competition for the finals with Minh Linh. The 12th most popular achievement of the V-League history is a Congregation. At the 2018 AFF Cup, Cong Phuong demonstrates high performance and put two goals on his / her; first two matches.

10. Nguyen Anh Duc (33 years)

Number of Sleeves: 11, Club: Binh Duong

Germany is the most striking player, just because he is an experienced player in the AFF Cup. Despite being & # 39; Scoring only four goals in the V 2018 League, AFF Cup players still know – many young people are not. Germany has a & # 39; shows the confidence of the Park that Hang Star Park has set up in the & # 39; game, less healthy young players and two-goal designation in the first two matches.

11. Next Nguyen Van Quyet (age 27)

Fire Number: 10, Club: Hanoi

The election of the Hanoi club captains the election. In addition to seven goals and 11 support in the V-League, Van Quy has four goals at the AFF Cup, which has never been a team player. Including Anh Duc, the Vietnam national team has just given six goals in the previous AFF Cup. Park Coach Hang-this was the player to the main team, after his reservation match against Malaysia.

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