Information about Ahli's official offer to steal the star


Egyptian officials published the irrigation, when an official offer from the Ahli club, asking Mahmoud Wahid to go to the left of the team during winter.

During the official presentation, the officers requested financial information on partnership; player in Mercato winter, to strengthen the left, while & # 39; While contract officers in the Red Club were & # 39; telephones with directors of their club while & # 39; as they were delivering 7 million pounds,, In getting their services.

Mohamed Magd, general supervisor of his member, said; cleaning, Ahli's rule formally asked for any combination, and # 39; emphasizing that the hearing will be held over the next time to resolve the offer, after describing the technical staff led by Talaat Yusuf, and having an idea of ​​& # 39; player.

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