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Snow and ice usually appear white because there is a clear white light. Water-frozen fragments are attractive, but the sun's reflection causes snow to be seen; appear white. However, due to environmental factors, it also comes in different colors.

"Watermelon snow" is seen near glaciers, as a result of "red-colored crystal silicone algae, or cold-love". "In Antarctic glaciers Taylor is the Falls of Blood, red red snow is made of full-salt salted water from leaving an old underground gut. When it is oxidic , it will create a clear red face.

The thick snow can be blue too. According to the National Center for National Snow and Ice, "If you have to fix a hole in the snow and look down into the hole, you may see a bluish color. In each case, the blue light of the bush with limited travel length through the snow or ice. "

It is only a blue light that passes through deep deep snow trees, causing sharp ears.

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