Information about the abdulov's son Alexander Abdulov was published


He was told by the actor

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The film and film player Georgy Martirosyan told Boris Karchevnikov's "Fate of a Man" program on the Russian-1 channel that he was very friendly with actor Alexander Abdulov who died in 2008 at the time. He once told him he had an illegitimate son.

Information about the abdulov's son Alexander Abdulov was published

Photograph: Gennady Avramenko

Georgy Martirosyan said he went to "Shura" in a way that gave him a name to Alexander Abdulov, and told him about the dealings with the daughter Tatiana, who had the star of the cinema and a cinema in the future just after graduating. Then, Abdulov discovered that he did not see his old relationship after he had been traveling for a number of years, and when they met again and came to his house, running a boy to meet him.

"At the end of the passage, a little boy ran out, a little" abdulchik, "said Martirosyan to a friend's story. So Alexander Abdulov realized that his father was the boy.

Tatiana did not hide this. However, Abdulova was not particularly pleased with this news and a partner's partner did not return their relationship. Tatiana did not worry the actor. But, a while, she came back in the life of Abdulov.

Tatiana said she had the opportunity to establish a family life, but her son would not give her a great one. She asked Abdulov to open up a teenager, tell him about his parents, and already in that status he talked to him.

Martirosyan says he advised your friend to do it, saying that this is the most spectacular thing. But Abdulov could not take this step.

In the media there is information that the dancer Tatyana Abramovna Leibel, who was 7 years older than the actor, was Abdulova's first wife. After Tatiana and Alexander were scrapped, she first went to Israel, and from there to Canada.

Recalling that Abdulova left the great daughter of Ksenia Alferova – daughter of her daughter; His first wife, Irina Alferova from her first marriage, and the daughter of Yevgeny, the second official wife, Yulia Abdulova. Eugene was born 10 months before the actor died.

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