Information about the complaint for breaking Thelma Fardín against Juan Darthés


According to the text, the fight took place about seven afternoons May 17, 2009 at the Holiday Inn Hotel of Managua, where the fright was just back after Galerias Santo Domingo had, a center of shops in the capital.

"When she was in the study room (…), after she was thrown into the bed, she came to the victim and placed on the side of her short short shortage she gave and put his tongue a veil (making a mouth type) ", which gives information about the document, signed by the victim and the solicitor representative Maryine del Carmen Rivera Escoto.

And he says: "At the same time, he has two fingers of one of his hands in the victim of a tragedy, Then the person who was investigated will put on the passive body and always drag or drop it; drag the passive cut into the pen and began to move round with his & her; punishment he was inside to the trout"

The text says Darthés did not use "any protection" and that "When they hit the door (…) it rises quickly, and at that time the victim gave the chance to get out of the bed and then let off post ".

In addition, the exhibition explains that Fardín was sent to the UFEM procurator's office in April 2018, but the finance officer, Mariela Labozzeta, said she did not. They can investigate an unexpected case in Argentina. Finally tell us what; Real Actress in Nicaragua after meeting the Argentinian concert in that country and with representatives from the CPDH (Permanent Commission of Human Rights).

After the statement, the procurator, Rivera Escoto, asked the Legal Medicine Institute to use a series of victims forensic knowledge of the kind psychological (to confirm the psychic damage made and the cure needed) and corporate (to find out if there are wounds in your genealogy range and the square range).

Sabrina Cartabia, the lawyer who advised her in Argentina explained Group: that the level of test build is now beginning. That the crime will be judged in the country where it happened and Argentina can cooperate. Instruments of security agencies with these media stated that Darthés could only be held with Interpol of the PFA if a Nicaraguan judge provides an international guarantee warrant. "

The offense to which Darthés was sent out did not impose an order: this happened at 10 years and passed 9. In Nicaragua, the penalty for the breach of a person over the age of 15 years or more is 8 to 12 years imprisonment and can increase to 15 years if there is a deadline.

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