Ingenious father who tries to play to play football as a whole causes a mix of social networks t


Followers with Atlanta United F.C. America has had a reputation in social networks because of a special activity: he has given himself to show his daughter to enjoy his team's favorite game. For this event he is known as "the father of the year" t

With a sandwich in one hand and another hand back in a smartphone, the father was registered with another guest man in charge of his daughter t some cartoons. It is not clear when the scene took place, but it is likely that it happened on 11 March when Atlanta United played against the F.C. Cincinnati (1-1), according to MLS.

"Not every hero has cloaks? T ", the ESPN sports network, along with the video the users of Taylor Scalera, have uploaded to its social network accounts, now with the Scalera Twitter account the content has been designed already more than a million times.

The father of this year is unknown and Atlanta United is asked for internet users. find the main character of that recording.

Many social network users have referred to human strategy as "amazing" and "beautiful", and the follower has had no reason to express its mood about its enjoyment of it. playing at the football ball with his daughter.

Source: Rt Hon

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