Injury to increase the risk of asthma in children, Nemours will have a & # 39; exploring exhibitions


Disease in children increases the risk of asthma diagnosis, says a researcher led inspection of the Nemours Child Health System. Indeed, at least 10 per cent of all cases of asthma could be prevented unless the authors were obese, according to the authors.

"With this data, it is recommended that the reduction of the early childhood obesity reduction will be significantly reduced to the health and welfare of children," researchers decided.

The study was published today in the magazine Paidiatric

Analyzing the medical records for half a million children in the US, researchers found that those who were overweight were more likely to have a chance to do. curb than their normal weight.

The helpful data is in advisory families, Dr. Terri Finkel, chief executive officer of Nemours' Children's Hospital in Orlando, said. "If you lose any pressure, this can be a hindrance [an asthma] judged. "

"If we can get through the children and that message, we have a better chance not only to prevent asthma but also with other continuing infections," she said.

The number of children who are growing in the US is fat. In 2016, more than 18 per cent of US children. fat, compared to 14 per cent in 1999.

The ways in which obesity can not increase the risk of asthma are unknown. But surveys have shown that children who are too heavy and obese are more medicines, They visit the ER more often and are more likely to be detected by sustained diseases such as diabetes compared to their normal weight.

"It's easier for me to tell your child that he or she is too heavy or overweight, but more difficult to change the way of life. We have to try," said Finkel.

A link between asthma and childhood obesity has been debated, but new evidence is evident; draw a stronger link between the two.

A major European survey published in September showed that early shooting could take place and, grow faster to contribute to a greater risk of & # 39; obesity development in recent years.

Just this month, a study published in the Journal of Asthma strongly linked the symptoms of asthma and obesity and unmarried lifestyle among children in Greece.

The size of the Nemours research is carried out.

The study is among the first one who uses PEDSnet, a multi-specialist network of eight US children's hospitals, and over 22 states. The 5-year-old database is funded by the Patient Outcomes Research Institute, unsupported support with government support.

Inspectors monitored medical records of over 500,000 children aged 2 to 17 years old who received medical care from six of the eight biological academic centers between 2009 and 2015.

The results of the survey show that the 8,8 million childbirths that are reported in the US are; mentions about 1 million heavyweight and obesity. Disease seemed to be related to asthma problems, researchers found.

The survey also showed that African Americans, males and under 5 years of age were among other risk factors for the diagnosis of asthma.

At the same time, it was not too heavy but a real cause of asthma, finding Finkel was surprised.

"It would be interesting to break out the information larger to find out if there is a raffle," or a particular Detail of a particular Body, where the relationship between asthma and obesity is very important, "said Finkel.

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