Inner prices dropped in but they are still higher than the global prices


– – Although the population's gold prices were back back in the last session (21/11 – Vietnam time), domestic prices still fell by around 10,000 VND / tael. If changed, the world gold price is lower than gold SJC near 2 million VND / tael.

In particular, in the New York market, the price of gold in the trade session last night (21/11 – Vietnam time) was downloaded when it lasted; The US dollar rises to be strengthened among US stocks after the last sales session.

Over the past few months, the global economic growth of global economic growth and business profit growth has been causing a serious decline in the psychology at risk of being able to reduce its economic growth. influencing investors. Gold has been a safe asset in the context of a remote economy.


Spot trading, spot prices in the New York market at $ 1,226.6 each, up to $ 4.5 / oz, or 0.37%.

Despite the increase in the world, domestic gold prices fell slightly about 10 miles per measure compared to the previous session. According to the Vietcombank exchange rate (23,395 VND / USD), today's world gold price is equivalent to 34.63 million VND / tael, lower than the price of gold. SJC is about 1.92 million VND / tael.

In particular, at 9am in the morning, the gold price of the DOJI Jewelry Group was registered at 36.45 million VND / sold, selling 36.55 million VND / tael, equals 10 VNDs both purchases and sales of measurements compared to the " previous session.

At the same time, the SJC Gold price of the Saigon Jewelry Company was otherwise at 36.44 million VND – 36.62 million VND for each (purchases).

Minh Ngoc

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