Innovation: Sodomac opened its second source in Mexico


Situated in the region of Arboledas, in the State of Mexico, this department sells more than 10,000 m2 and its. Including the Homecenter and Constructor shapes, to meet the needs of both families and specialist teachers.

Sodomac opened its second source in Mexico, located in the Arboledas area, the State of Mexico, dealing with a significant residential and commercial area at the moment. tour between Gustavo Bas and Periférico.

This opening was added to the store that was opened at the end of July in Izcalli, in the northern area; capital, and will be entered into the agreement signed between the Falabella group and the Soriana Organization in 2016 to improve this Falabella Soriana home and credit development series.

The second Sodomac resource in Mexico has a sales department of over 10,000 m2 on two levels and connecting the Homecenter and Constructor shapes, to meet the needs of both families and construction experts in one place. equipment, redesign and decoration of the home, as well as construction materials, hardware and rental services of tools, facilities and furniture collection. The company also has a & # 39; Selling online at, original cover in the Metropolitan Area and now also in Cuernavaca.

Like the first store, this source is & # 39; Includes a series of mechanisms for a Mexican market, including Patio Constructor to let you buy vehicles for the purchase and purchase of goods, putting up the service. According to its company's sustainability policy, its design has a & # 39; Also a shop that explores the efficient use of natural light and LED lights to generate energy savings, and elements to get to & # 39; reducing the amount of water consumption, among other causes that protect the environment.

This situation is added to the 250 sales points of Sodomac in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. The company is expected to open before the end of the # 39; Cuernavaca year, in Morelos State, and next year it will be set between four and six sources. This investment plan is part of around 20 first sources that were estimated in Mexico according to the announcement in 2016.

"The response from customers in our first store and now in the second recently opened shop has exceeded all our expectations, which proves our growth opportunities in Mexico, "said Sodimac's corporate CEO, Enrique Gundermann.

On its part, Sodomac's general manager, Patricio Silva, said "it's a great pleasure to open this second shop in Mexico built during registration time, and think it needs We have already demolished a building and two stages of parking and two storey sites. We are delighted to offer our praise to middle-class families and specialist teachers, to make their dreams and bring home projects ".

The home development market in Mexico is very widespread, there are about five square meters of boots per thousand people, compared to the 65m2 shows, for example, with Silen market. This is counted for its & # 39; There is a growing capacity for an executive such as Sodimac, even more in partnership with a local company such as Soriana.

Sodimac is a subsidiary of the Falabella group, one of the leading retail platforms in Latin America, with five business units: regional sources, home development, retail supermarkets, estate services and financial services. Sodomac card in Mexico has begun to come together with the development of Falabella Soriana's card as a means of payment that allows buyers to deliver their projects.

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