InSight edits for its "seven minutes of terror" before arriving on Mars


Spatial module InSight ready to face the "seven minutes of terror" as just before they came ashore Mars, "one of the most intense parts of my mission", says the device Twitter, where he spent months to count in the & # 39; First man how good he had on his long trip.

"It will start when it reaches the upper part of the Martian environment and lasts about six and a half minutes, so that it safely runs"

"Tomorrow is a big day", "24 hours a day, I'll be at home, in #Marte," wrote Insigh last night for his 80 thousand followers and invited him ; attack his last team report on what they are doing; expect "Mars to learn" and how weakness is being prepared against the land that is going on.

It is expected that the Insight na NASA Come to Mars today at 7:00 p.m. GMT, at that time you have traveled in six months the distance that divides you from "red planet" Land.

The seven minutes of viewer are the richest one of the mission, when it crosses the atmosphere at almost 20km kilometer per hour and at that time it must reduce its speed just five kilometers to make it safe to surface on the surface of Martian.

"This is one of the most intense parts of mental health, it will start when it reaches the upper part of the Martian device and lasts about six and a half minutes until it Land safely, "InSight explained a few hours together with one of the many recycling. of the minute you uploaded to your Twitter.

It is a process that can be stated as anything but easy. Of course, the model Snow of the project ExoMars This hard time did not succeed and finished the pieces against his red planet in October 2017.

Nasa has given his life to the space module in social networks, a way to bring his mind and science closer to his or her people, who can even live dangerously in a land in New York Times square.

InSight has shown that it is the duty of a humorous atmosphere. "It's a good thing that the robots can not be sweat, but two other days in the marathon reach Mars."

But also want to reach its final destination: "#Marte I'm coming to you, I left the Land 200 days ago and now I only have five days of landing on Mars, "he put on the 21st device, the next GIF in the man who saw the pursuit of landing.

Once on Mars, if everything goes well, InSight He has long work on to explore the "core" of the smallest second planet in the Solar System, after Mercury.

Until now, the campaigns to Mars have captured the surface of the surface, which explores rocks, dug into the ground and its surface. Looking for water ideas once traveled, but never been scrutinized.

So, the space module will be inserted inside a & # 39; planet for the use of a five-meter high-tech mechanical excavation, where it will measure the temperature inside and continue to move inside with the help of a seismograph.

But first, all eyes will be set on NASA control screens to see if InSight is able to make land, and, according to their own words, you need to know five things.

"It's very difficult to install Mars, use my probation technology, I'll put into the biggest parking lot on Mars, I'm built up for land to be introduced In the midst of sand, I can find out how rocky planets are created. "


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