InSight got her first selfie on Mars


Since it came to Mars on November 26, NASA's InSight sawmon has been set and set off; photography. Now the settlement model he used his arm of arm to take his self.

This is not a normal identity, like yourself. Yes, really, a 11 image sculpture of the camera on the strategic weapon of the land.

If it seems that you know, it is the result of the type of boat rover News have the same process used to take overlapping images to create selfie, and other images that will come together later.

Its first selfie InSight is a & # 39; including 11 images built by resolution and side by side (NASA) move.

In the picture, the InSight uses a solar panel, and the platform is loaded by instruments, displayed on the full screen.

The laird has also been on his new home photographer. You have submitted 52 pictures of the area 4.2 m with 2.1 m right on the front of the spacecraft.

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This "workplace" will be monitored by mission scientists so that InSight will recognize where to install the tools on the Martian surface. The seismometer and the rescuer need to sink surface, without rocks.

And scientists are expecting the horizontal and stable surface just like that. InSight came ashore in a hole near a rock that could be The area affected the meteorite filled with sand. That will, in a short time, make things easier for its & # 39; heat splash quizzes, once you have a 4.8m underneath the surface.

"The amount of stones, hills and holes does not mean that it will be very safe for our instruments"Chief Investigator InSight, Bruce Banerdt, of Laboratory Jet Propulsion said. "This may be a very simple land if it was not Mars, but we're glad to see that."

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