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Date November 27, 2006 at 3:00 pm (in Thailand) is a moment of waiting and waiting for it. World science encourages NASA's InSight Can I successfully manage Mars?

This work commenced on May 5, 61, at 18:05 (in Thailand). InSight was released from its base at Base Force Air, Vandenberg, California. The United States The main goal is to collect geological data from Mars.

Secondary mission: Two small soldiers, Wall-E and Eva (the name of the Wall-E robot) joined Together to confirm the ability to remove Mars's live broadcasts of InSight vehicles back to Earth. has provided that information. The InSight mission on Mars is made up of three large levels: 1. Go into the atmosphere. 2. Up to the surface and 3. Place a hole on the ground.

Mars is the highest rock goal to land on Mars. Mars has many problems and obstacles, which are only 1% of Earth's atmosphere.

And when will it pass. The atmosphere is smarter than the world. So the parachute used is very effective. Due to the corruption of Mars, only 38 per cent of the world, causing the vehicle to go down to the ground at a fast pace. And it can not be delays to its own parametrist. Use a rocket to clear the speed of your vehicle before you arrive on land.

The settlement process is very fast. Take control of computers on pre-programmed vehicles. But when it comes to real time. The computer needs to be handled, analyzed and resolved. A small mistake of the program causes the intention to be infected immediately.

The gear was on a successful land. It will be deeply dried beneath the surface of Mars about 5 meters to store a geological data resource. The SPACETH.CO page will live on November 27, 61, from 01.00 onwards., NASA – Administration of Air and National Routes, National Institute of Architecture (Public Body) Ministry of Science and Technology

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