InSight is on shore! Inside the drama drama event


Touchdown on Mars

NASA on InSight has been suffering almost seven months in a place, traveling over 300 million miles (480 million kilometers) in a route carefully considered from Earth to Mars. After its long journey, the probe is on top of its market.

The InSight probe launched on May 5 from the Vandenberg Airport Center in the midfield of California. With many scientific instruments on board, the laird will analyze inside his / her; Red Planet, an innovative data collection about Mars writing and the planet's tectonic activity.

At 2:54 PM EST, InSight – which stands for Internal Investigation using Seismic Studies, Geodesy and Heat Transport – on land on Mars. While stretching up to a martian surface, the initial test was converted at Mars 80 miles (129km) inflation above the surface. At about seven miles (11 km) up, InSight used a large parasitut to reduce the pace of craftwork near the surface. Less than a minute later, InSight removed its parachute for free and burned the 12 recycles, which provided a braking force for the probe and allowed them to be able to; settle well on the surface of the planet.

Getting Away Away

NASA engineers had to wait for the way forward to find out if it was successful, because there is a delay of eight minutes to communicate between Mars and Earth and did not the land only seven minutes. So, from the time the craftsmen attacked Mars as they went out, JPL engines over their fingers, unfamiliar with the craft real-time status. In these seven minutes, the seven minutes of terror were mentioned, and the engineers stayed to confirm whether the probe had landed safely – and, gratefully, e. "It was intense, and you could feel the feelings," said NASA Administrator, Jim Bridenstine, in NASA's livelihood of success in coastal. However, this tension grew rapidly in mind when InSight came to shore, however. "This enthusiasm is amazing," said Bridenstine.

The InSight mission team was waiting to "look" to find out the survey by watching InSight radio features with radio telephones on Earth and a variety of space space, according to NASA press release. Two of these spaceships, known as Mars Cube One, or Marco, did not have the way to clean and even an InSight image on a martian surface just after landing. In addition, the imagery will have a mission to have more images about five hours.

Setting up

InSight's first day does not have a & # 39; Red Planet is so appealing to growing and expanding. going ashore. In fact, it will take two or three months before the InSight robotic army even its instruments on a martian surface, according to NASA.

"It was taken over a decade to include InSight from a concept to a spacecraft coming near Mars – and even further since I was first inspired to try this type of mission but even after landing, we must be patient to begin science, "said Bruce Banerdt of the Labordory Jet Propulsion, Chief Inspector of InSight, in a statement.

But as long as researchers need to patiently wait for scientific data, InSight will continue to have valuable information after landing. Before the scientific tools can be used, InSight will capture and analyze the landscape and surrounding environment. This will allow NASA engineers to monitor Elysium Planitia, a "perfect," "vanilla" tour site.

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