InSight will affect its & # 39; Red Planet


MeIt was due to the introduction of its solar panels within hours of excavation.

Over the next three months, Insight of instrumental use is designed to examine the surface of Martian before starting its & # 39; gather information about the deep structure of the planet.

Three of these instruments were designed and built by engineers at Imperial College and Oxford University, and listened to "Marsquakes" that could reflect on how previous life on & # 39; planet.

Over two years, scientists expect to find between dozens and 100 of the magazines, which can be up to six on the Richter scale.

If successful, the three-legged study, launched from California on May 5, will help scientists learn about how a rocky world like Earth and its Moon created more than 4.5 billion years ago .

The remains of a tile base could cause Mars to have a magnetic field again, which would be protected from criminals of one million billion years ago at a time when the planning was more warmer and wetter and may be able to carry old life.

The United States Spanish Association has invested £ 4 million in the short term of the seismometer seiser (SEIS-SP).

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