Inspection: "There is no connection between handsome and early death


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There is good news for people who are involved in danger, and there is no likelihood of a death.

A new report, published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine, concluded that there was no connection between inflammation and sudden death.

Scientists surveyed 17 inspections, with almost 37 million people, to collect their results.

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The report compares the results of the National Health Service in the UK, and also said, as well as people being exposed to obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and # 39 ; short life expectancy.

But for those who suffer from insomnia, there is a continuing concern about the relationship between sleep poverty and a short life that can not be disturbed.

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Navid says that the disease is getting worse when it is going to be worse; broke up with his companion earlier this year

"I do not think about that," said Navid Khan, a secondary student. "He does not sleep more than four hours a day every night.

"I went through a bad night last year, it was a horrible night, and I can think of the next day at work I need to go through the day here. "

"I'm studying for two semen only, and I think if I can sleep at that time, it'll be good. Everything I do share the time, then I will do it, and so on. "

"I'm just swearing to try a little sleep," said Navid.

It is believed that around 30 in the UK number is inconvenient, and so it is likely that someone will be close to you and this report will be; suffering from the effects of sleep poverty.

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Can you improve your sleep?

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It is not easy to stop antibodies, but there are things you can do to allow your chances to sleep a good night.

The National Health Service (NHS) proposes the insomnia to exercise during the day and reduce the number of caffeinated drinks.

She also says that smoking, eating too much, or eating too much alcohol can stop you from sleeping well.

Other suggestions include a list of things that catch up, as well as trying to sleep at the same time every night.

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"In the worst times when I am among the people that I feel like an unprofitable person"

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Almara says she's worried about being able to sleep, she can not even go to her; falling asleep

"At the worst times when I am among people, I am feeling inconvenient, because I'm so tired that I lose my heart to anyone and anything no, "said Almara Abgharian, 29, writer.

In the evening, Almara says she has six hours of sleep, but she woke up all night due to anxiety and tension that had an adverse effect on her life.

"It's most important not to sleep but you do not have the power to do the everyday activities," she says. "For example, I do not go out and get out with friends, who are really good for your mental health."

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Ask if she was worried about the long-term negative effects she had; At the insomnia, Almara said she "hopes he will not continue."

Normal sleeping for Elmara is normal in life, while others agree with insomnia.

"I do not know how it's feeling when you're sleeping at night"

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Ryan says he will sleep for a couple of hours, but he is awakening every night

"I feel accustomed to it," said Ryan Ashley, 23, a musician.

"I used to talk to my mother earlier, and I was feeling sorry about what I was suffering. I told her not to mourn me, and It's something I've been there all my life, and now it's part of my daily life. "

"It would be good for sleeping, but I can not understand it, because I do not know how it's a feeling," he says.

Ryan says he has gone through a ripe childhood that has been able to sleep as a parchment, and wake up all night.

The BBC is not responsible for the content; on other websites. "I do other things and I'm sure it's getting worse for my body because I can not sleep," he said.

However, although the new report may be disturbed by its # 39; The link between insomnia and premature death, the report continues to connect the disease and diseases, such as dementia and dementia, according to British Times The newspaper.

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