Instagram has a new beat: Smooth Chef for himself


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How does a young person's life look like when the witness moved to his own? How can he find himself unhappy mom and mom how he will deal with everyday problems in the kitchen, make sure his profile.

Chef mild a young boy who went on his own independent life. Did he even know what he did when he first entered his forum?

Every young teenager who grows up to her; A dream about going to himself, but he rarely knows what he is doing; bringing this into effect. This is Smotan's chef, who recently moved to his recent platform, and quickly discovered what she's doing; relevance to independence.

What kind of problem does a young person have in the first day of his independent trip?

What do I need to stay in my room?

What should I buy at my shop?

How do i bake eggs with a bacon?

I need a good start recipe! Help me!

From eggs to … eat oils

A young man who finds himself in the kitchen needs to answer the number of questions immediately, with no immediate response. New trail started the chess chef with a very serious problem: "What do I need in the kitchen?"

But no dispute. It is referred to its & # 39; A soft chef slowly and with great hope – a little with the help of her followers and a little with her mother's advice, who explained some of her successful home base at her. First time: "Kitchen turtles should be on the jersey!"

Smooth Chef goes to the first shops, where he can find out what basic food he needs to store his kitchen. Chocolate is its first choice, unless it's not; representing a right restaurant. It also reflects the diversity of oil supply, and, for its & # 39; The first time, it also hids pots: eggs with a bacon (in large part) were completely successful.

With a small exercise he got on, the kitchen shelves came alive with a variety of spices, heat, pasta and chocolates. He turned on with chefs and placed an important focus on himself: he learned how to cook it, and next time he put a cookery really for his friends.

How will he get in the kitchen?

Despite the initial problems, Chef Chef has proven that all obstacles have been successful. I would like to prove that you do not have to spend a lot of time and cooking skills for cooking, but above there are lots of good and good wishes. Not so, and it's interesting to continue.

Neroden? Smotan? Nothing to do, he is willing to prove that he can. Also with help from your advice. Follow it on Instagram and will be part of the first cooking show on Instagram.

Chef mild

Find out about the based cooking masters who really distribute a very good food on the internet. Cefighearth is a real boy with real problems. Also cooking. But worried: it will hit them with laughter and real play of youth!

We look forward to working on boots or boiling a prototype; cutting windows.

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