Instagram tells unhappyly a few users' password


Instagram warned several of their users The password may appear to the user account due to a security error. The spokesman said the problem was "found inside and only a few users were suffering".

In this case, this error was attached to the & # 39; A company launched in April this year. feature allows users to download their data after the launch of a European Data Protection (GDRP) lawyer. According to Instagram, some browsers are stored in browsers (some Facebook users, Instagram partners) at some users. Security analysis is supposed to only run password unless Instagram saved these password as a "simple text", which is one of the key security issues. However, the Instagram spokesman won this application and said that co-ordinate password hashes.

The password should be changed to ban

Instagram says that the feature was set and the password is no longer visible. However, users should change their password without delay. The spokesman said:

Yes, if someone has been logged in to use the "Download Data" device, they would see their password in the URL of the page. However, this information has not been shown to anyone else and we have taken steps to stop such a situation again.

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