Instagram will remove false administrators, feelings and opinions


Customers Instagram you are sure that you realized that a few seconds after your photos were published that an unidentified user left a general idea in English, for example "Nice picture !!" He did not start following you, and within a few days you went down, and you did not know where he even found you.

All and more are provided by third party tools (web pages, requests) that many users use rapid increase in the number of administrators and good things in pictures. Apps will automatically leave comments on behalf of the user and their users; Follow other users and block administrative within a few days. This is against Instagram rules, but it is very wide. It's about a sort of search engine recovery, which is easily distributed today.

Instagram has now been true fighting with fierce fans, cigarettes and ideas. This week, they & # 39; amend the rules of practice and & # 39; they would not disclose the customers all used the tools that interaction available.

In the first instance, you practitioners warning to & # 39; ask them the password to change and therefore an inherent link from the tools for administrators, evaluations and comments back .

Instagram says that users who are able to keep it & # 39; This is getting worse in Instagram. This means that Instagram can disable specific key features. In this way, Instagram also promotes users to & # 39; share their induction information with other applications. By doing so you can give abuse to your account.

Strong rules for using Instagram has come to fruition due to the number of increasingly misleading data posted on Facebook and Instagram. There are real campaigns that want to influence public attitudes and even elections in many countries around the world. Facebook has been reported to have caused such false accounts as a result of such initiatives. Only in the previous quarter had been removed as far as 754 million.

Instagram has been to remove false users from 2014, but for its & # 39; The first time it was announced that they were destroying things of growth. They developed false informationwhich it detects and its & # 39; removed automatically.

Some of the biggest requests for greater interaction on Instagram have already stopped working. These include Instagress and Social Growth. Others, such as Archie, InstarocketProX and Boostio, will continue to & # 39; cost between $ 10 and $ 45 a month for their services and ensure their actions are done; comply with Instagram rules.

This year's New York Times has discovered that there is even a wealth of celebrities who use these services especially for purchasing administrators on Twitter.

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