Instead of a new #video competition at Oksana


On Saturday, Oksana's truth shower was forced to leave soon. Although the bars were hoping that Ukraine will quickly solve family problems and be able to return to the show, it did not happen. Instead, a new competitor went into the show.


Planned TV

Oksana had to leave the #foto show




It is now clear that Oksana will never return to the game for 50,000 euros. This was affecting its & # 39; Most of the bars, as the 34 year olds showcase their hearts at the heart.

None of the competitions did not talk badly by Bar the last year's show when a new competitor, who appears in a flat shop, as it seems, has been quickly stolen. Which is the new bar and where the competitors are best understood, you will find out at Bar on a Yesterday's Planet.

You can watch a display bar from Monday to Friday at 22.30 on and off; Planet. Every Saturday you can broadcast live broadcasting at 8pm on TV shows or you will be part of the Bar's audience at Kongresni trg 3.
Lean Bar is also on the website and on social networking of Facebook and Instagram. Join the debate using the keyword #BarPlanet.


Planned TV

Last week of the fight between old and old boats #foto

Bar at Planet TV

Planned TV

Katarina: I know what Marusha was talking about #video #video

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