Instead of throwing a needle, measuring blood sugar through light signs


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A Chinese research team from the Taejin University has created a new tool to measure blood sugar through light indications, which will allow patients to monitor the sugar of blood without pain associated with the sampling of blood through acupuncture.

Professor Xu Kexin, leader of the team, said the machine's idea that blood sugar would reach its height after eating food for about an hour and a while; to return automatically within two hours to three hours. Level of wonder and reflection on her & # 39; skin, where the light signs can show the degree of sugar in the blood, according to local media.

He said that the research team has done many tests to measure blood sugar without pain in the past 20 years, where he has advanced to employ high technology to identify signs take specialist from many settings and processing different data and others to overcome the objects that prevent a change of temperature to & # 39; body and its Certainty of measurement results.

He noted that the team has received two types of patterns in China and the United States.

The new machine was able to monitor the change in blood sugar for two hours and 3 hours after eating.

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