Intel 9-generation generations may have more hearts: the future iMac and MacBook Pro 15 "


Intel will deliver in the second quarter about fifteen new processes that would be available; going well, for some, in the iMac and MacBook Pro 15 ". AnandTech (via Consomac) are taken in a board with their key features.

In the MacBook Pro 15 ", there is a change in the number of coats, while 6 Core Cores 7 ((7-8750H and i7-8850H) are currently 12 and 12 link over, there are 8 hearts and 8 on the 9th generation of fans (i7-9750H and i7-9850H) link over.

Regarding the Core i9-8950HK available at this time, with 6 cores and 12 too link over, 8-bun modules will be replaced and 16 link over. There is still a question about the TDP of these new teams as well as their basic frequency.

The number of cores for new editors converted to MacBook Pro 13 has not been changed to the "We will stay 4 pounds and 8 link over.

On the iMac side, compared to current editors, we will also win hearts. I team 4K iMac Retina 4K with 4 cores and 4 link over to make a way for i5-9400 with 6 cora and 6 link over. On the iMac Retina 5K, we should also go from 4 hearts to 6 or even 8.

It's not an Intel schedule in Apple. Normally these teams do not make sure Macs are upgrading in the coming months. As a proof, Apple was enough to update the iMac in 2018, but did not. So office tools could move directly from the 7th generation of Intel to 9th generation teams.

Not to mention that the intended output is & # 39; The first Mac Mac is getting closer and, of course, will change a domain regeneration strategy.

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