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Intel та Microsoft зайнялися вирощуванням огірків - Техно 24

Microsoft has been a leader in the growing crops in greenhouses, driven by artificial information. A Software maker was selected for test cucumbers, as robotic agriculture has worked well.

The VentureBeat portal is described.

Starting in September, a vegetable freshwater competition is run to December, when they finalize the results. Competitions are made by Wageningen Country University and participating in Intel, Microsoft and Tencent, a Chinese ownership company. The fourth member of the team is living by tourists from the Netherlands, using technology that has been absorbed in the greenhouses of this country now.

Participation in the automated greenhouses is limited to a collection of pages and autumn. In the human team, of course, they are brilliant.

Which Intel and Microsoft are growing cucumbers – watching videos

At the moment, the AI ​​is from Microsoft first, and then Tencent, Intel and the people are the fourth honorary place. This is astonishing, this means that computer systems are already capable of dealing with greenhouse farming, at least, not worse people.

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