Intel shows the new interface set for its graphics layers


Intel wakes up its efforts in a range of graphic reefs, while preparing Intel Xe, the company 's expected graphic clips to arrive in 2020 (not yet definitive) are starting to emerge. , an illustration above to clarify the role: a re-branding of the integration of integrated graphs and other future models. The company's new exhibition presented at the Game Development Conference at the Intel Graphics Control Panel.

According to Intel, the new interface was created to allow that view to take that view on the "old, tumultuous, physical" view of modern software. It tries to have greater alignment with passionate people in the home, gamekeepers, professionals and other users who are looking for changes in more accurate choices. Below are some images of the current interface. Details: The information in the racing game is not from an Intel driver, but from the Afterburner.

As AMD and Nvidia, the company has been putting more arrangements and also trying to make some processes easier, with displays of what each graphic filter changes in the game, for example. The plan to include new features over time, as the force's "red and green side" continues to benefit, as Intel now has a full driver with the t a proper range of additional applications. is allowed to play gameplay, for example.

The new interface will be available for downloading and is consistent with currently integrated graphics. Although it is only the beginning, it is a fine development compared to what was available so far, as you can see from the screens below:

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