"Intellectual Property Division" to consider a protest for more than 3 years, the Department sent the book.


From the AIDS Foundation case And the HIV / AIDS Thailand network has submitted a complaint to the HIV drug patent application. And the treatment of hepatitis C virus to an Intellectual Property Division since 2015. But the Department has not considered it.

Mr Nimit Tienyudom, director of AIDS Foundation, said that the foundation of complaints on the HIV drug patent application against HIV. And the treatment of hepatitis C from 2558 to complete the process, but the Department has not terminated. And it's not clear when it's ready. That's really good. Do not run to investigate or do; expressed in any way. Applicants can say a pattern that this drug is petent from the date they are going to; register the application if the Department certifies that it is not right. Other drug companies start to & # 39; drug production too. Combating competition And drug prices down. Healthy health insurance is capable of extra bargaining. If there is no monopoly there By spending the same money. It will increase the number of records. More patients get access to the drug.

"Intellectual property should not be a monopoly tool. It is not accessible to people. Both are required. An application of 5 patent applications is filed with the foundation. We do not have every five applications suitable for patent, such as a new drug. Do not get the drug off to the new register. So the patient does not get the drug. Antiretroviral medicine And hepatitis C. drugs The patent is expensive. And a & # 39; affecting people's lives, "said AIDS Access Foundation director.

Mr Nimit also provided information. DDS database It is not effective. I can not find out what the information is in; patent. When you make a letter to the Department. I have not yet registered a patent application. There are existing drug companies that belong to this time when the base is a & # 39; asks whether this is considered or not, as long as the Department was experiencing; influencing people's lives. Because it was a monopoly; in selling only. And then determined by Intellectual Property Department.

The Infection Foundation and Network. Call an Intellectual Property Division to: 1. In order to clarify the delay 2. Provide public declaration that the information submitted after the advertisement to consider the petitioner. It will be considered by other sources. 3. Look responsible for sending false information. Especially for TAF and 4. The database system needs to be changed directly to find it easy to find. Full and accurate information.

The reporter. In Intellectual Property Division. Producing Ministry of Representatives to the service department to find out that place. Identify with Foundation Agents. Principal Departmental executives, both Chief Executive and Deputy Director of Intellectual Department Department. Purpose outside Minister. It is not yet determined what will be done on request from the Foundation.


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