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The foreign media said that TSMC is expected to get IBM's top-quality tidy orders. If this is true, TSMC is Intel's main opponent in a range of valuable data centers.

According to the Nikkei Asian Survey, IBM is planning the senior server to install this server in the next generation of large servers; In addition, the team can guide the new process of the new iPhone.

According to the report, the current database of a global data center, up to 96%, is provided by Intel.

It is worth noting that IBM is "eterogeneous" in the range, not using Intel slates, but its using chips from Global Foundries.

It is said to have found IBM the only TSMC with 7 nanometer technology in the market in the Grofund decision to restore 7 advanced processes independently.

According to IDC data, in 2017, IBM achieved 8.3% of the global market share of data server attendees, secondly only to Dell and HP.

The slate is the smallest, the highest level of the technical threshold. Intel, TSMC and Samsung Electronics are considered among those who sell a lot with them; technology potential.

If TSMC offers IBM's top IBM server commands, it will reduce its reliance on Apple and get rid of a weak selling iPhone.

For the up-to-date news, TSMC refused to talk about individual customers, IBM did not respond to the interview interview from the Nikkei Asian Survey; Intel has said that he will make a big deal with all competitors.

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